WMS IDLE Not Responding While Shutting Down

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Scenario: When restarting or shutting down a Windows XP computer, a dialog opens mentioning that WMS Idle is Not Responding.

In my instance searching google did not help me, so I disabled all startup apps and then re-enabled them one by one to find the culprit.

Problem App: Nero 7

Problem file(s): NMBgMonitor.exe NMIndexingService.exe NMIndexStoreSvr.exe

Solution: When NMBgMonitor is execute at start up, it also starts the NMIndexing Service (which I believe to be the real problem). Since I don't want Nero doing anything besides being my burning software, I removed the registry entry in HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Currentversion. Now since that file is not being executed, the NMindexing service does not start, but I changed that service to Disabled just in case something else attempts to start it.

Alternative Solutions: Maybe it's just the version of Nero on this computer is buggy and simply updating the software would correct the issue as well. I can't say for sure as I did not try that. Feel free to contact me below if you try that and it works.

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